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The rules!

We thank you for choosing to play on our cluster.
In order to ensure everyone enjoys their experience here the following rules and guidelines must be adhered at all times
Failure to do so will ultimately result in a ACCOUNT BAN/LOSS OF STRUCTURES AND DINOS
No racism, homophobia, sexual harrassment or hate content. Including chat, tribename or playername.

No PvP or Griefing activities – nothing that will harm a player, tamed dino or base

No hacks, exploits or cheating

No blocking spawning or access to key resources, artifacts, beaver dams, drops, crates or explorer notes

No blocking access to Obelisks.

No advertising other servers

Keep chat friendly – no arguments in open chat. No drama. No Trolling.

Don’t build too close to an existing base – give people room to expand

Don’t put unwanted dino’ on wander outside your base.

No pillar or foundation spamming. Find a place for your base and build it, don’t hold land. Large land enclosures should be used/filled – not just holding land.

Empty the wood out of beaver dams!

Don’t completely block main access routes or beaches

If you find your base is on a spawn point – make sure people can get out.

Don’t put a shield or locked building around a teleporter set to public. Make sure people can get out safely.

Don’t join another person’s element vein or OSD without permission – ask first, or wait for your own.
Don’t interfere with another person’s tame .
1. Blocking resources/ beacons of any kind is forbidden. This includes beaver & penguin spawns.

2. Building in front or inside caves is not allowed!

3. Exceptions are caves on Ragnarok, which contain no resources/ artifacts. However, it requires an explicit permission from the server team. Applications are to be placed in the support area of the forum. [Ragnarok]

4. Old structures must be demolished. This includes abandoned and unneeded structures (for example, rafts, fishing spots & taming boxes) or we will delete them without a warning. Taming boxes, unbuilt rafts, single campfires and storage boxes must be removed after use.

5. Reserving construction sites is forbidden (for example, with foundations, pillars or gates).

6. It’s forbidden to build on or around the volcano.

7. The obelisks must not be build on and have to be accessible by foot.

8. Building on ice floes is not allowed.

9. Enclosed areas have to be developed immediately. It’s not allowed to keep these areas blocked by placeholders.

10. The base limit is 2. One main base and one outpost. An outpost can be one raft, one tree (solely platforms) or a 7x7x4 base
Keep distance to other bases, there is enough space for everyone. In case of dispute the server team will take decisions.

11. Building on “Death Island” is not allowed. [Island]

12. Extremely long waterpipes [longer than render distance medium] are not allowed! Use S+ intakes that deliver water anywhere or water tanks. If the pipes are way too long we will delete all structures of that tribe.

13. It’s forbidden to build in the dragon gorge. In case of violation, we will remove any structures immediately! [Ragnarok]

14. It’s not allowed to block waterways. Build bridges always in a way that it allows players on a raft or dino (e.g. Mosasaur) to pass it.

15. It’s forbidden to block the public transmitter near the red obelisk e.g. with dinos. [Ragnarok]

16. It’s forbidden to block Charge Nodes and Z Plant with structures, as they are seen as a resource. They have to be usable, reachable on foot and visible from outside for everyone. [Aberration]

17. Gas collectors have to be unlocked and may not be built-in. [Aberration]
Harassing other players is forbidden. This includes Nazi content, insults, sexist and radical expressions as well as verbal abuse.

PvP behavior on PvE is forbidden (e.g. thievery and homicide).

Any loot beacon is claimed by the first player arriving at the exact drop location.
– In terms of air drops a video must be provided to proof the claim (use ShadowPlay or similar tools)
– Extinction: Orbital Drops have to be claimed in the Global Chat with exact coords (i.e. Orbital Drop at 71.3 40.9 claimed!). To proof the claim make a screenshot with map, orbital drop and visible server time (hold H ingame) in one picture.

Luring dinos to bases is forbidden (unless it is your own base).

Parking dinos on mountains and in caves is forbidden.

Parking dinos on obelisks is forbidden.

Behaviour that harms the atmosphere on the server is forbidden.
Names of tribes, players, Steam profiles and dinos have to answer PEGI 12 / ESRB T-rated requirements.

Cheating/ bugusing/ glitching is forbidden (e.g. floating base, building under the map etc.)!

If you’ll be inactive for more than 7 days, then please inform us by a ticket or we will delete all tribe structures and dinos without warning.

Use English in Global-Chat (Voice-, Ally-, Tribe- and Local chat are free for all languages).

Keeping dinos on wandering or mating all the time is forbidden (Exception: game mechanics like those from dung beetle, oviraptor etc.)

Using multiple accounts is allowed as long as no other rules are bypassed/ exploited.